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Insanity by TheSketchyWolf

This is pretty good! Great OC design! Although, I would be looking for some shading, and possibly some details on the white wings. The ...


Check out :iconshy-waifu:: You'll find amazing art in their gallery!! Click on that icon and pay her a visit.

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Sil/Donut :3
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United States
What does the nyan yak say?  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Fearow by CreepyJellyfish
Squidward Sexy (Dance) by Jerikuto Squidward-Sexy (Sexy Time) by Jerikuto
Hey, don't forget to check out my stash for art that may not be submitted as a deviation, in progress art, doodles, and more!!!
Sorry if the link is a dud... :iconfacepalmplz:

KIRIBIAN AT 2,000!!! yay :meow: :iconkermityayplz:

My birthday badge << screw dis.

#254 Sceptile Stamp by Cyanide-Tea ' Stamp: Apple by SangoRuless Adopt a shelter animal stamp by Dreamcasts
#253 Grovyle Stamp by Cyanide-Tea Straight Artist For Gay Rights by Gerguter Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
#252 Treecko Stamp by Cyanide-Tea Dont Get Jelly Stamp by GeneralGibby Veterinary Medicine by Swamnanthas
Girl Cars Stamp 1 by felineSyndr0me Animal Rights Stamp by CatTheNinja Behaving differently by Wookiesarebetter Sick of 'em by Neko-Spartan Clarinet Stamp by Savanah25 *hugs clarinet*
Hates You Stamp by HappyStamp < so true. Because she does. She hates you. With an 100% guarantee.

and something that we often seem to forget...
DeviantART is for art. ART. NOT religion, NOT politics, etc. Not here for art? Shoo. Go away. Start your problems somewhere else. And another thing... Got issues with another deviant? Just block them, report them, and walk away. Thank you. :meow:

Cancer Stamp by ProudPastry
Rest in Peace... :hug:

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A perfectionist/self-taught drawer and fan of Pokemon, dragons, and felines. I usually doodle all over my school journals and stuff... It's a habit. I created one of my OCs while working on a video for science class. I'm not exactly bored... I'm just addicted to doodling. XD

I draw to please others. I draw to see life pour into my sketches as I color them. I draw... Because it is my passion! :meow:
Real Life Best (awesome) Friend: :icongalactic-sky-99:

She is the most epic and reliable friend I have ever had! :3


Other Notable People :la::
:iconchrisemmert: :iconilsor908: :iconbluestar2102: :icontyphon--monster-king: :iconslothtamer121: :iconsilhouettemisfit: :iconjmonkey2105: :iconpekecleo: :icondragonheartedzorua: :iconpikaholly: Let me know if you believe you should be here! :heart:

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Icon Army :meow:: Pearl Icon by ArticWolfBui

Currently Working On...: stuffz...


First Game: SoulSilver
Games I Own: SoulSilver, Diamond, Blue (emulator)
SoulSilver Party: Typhlosion by CreepyJellyfish (Inferno), Feraligatr by CreepyJellyfish (Tsunami), Alakazam by CreepyJellyfish(Goldenrod), Sceptile by CreepyJellyfish(Basil), Haunter by CreepyJellyfish (New Moon), Togetic by CreepyJellyfish (Hope)

Blue Party: Wartortle by CreepyJellyfish (Sapphire), Fearow by CreepyJellyfish (Thunder), Pikachu by CreepyJellyfish (Zaxidar), Sandshrew by CreepyJellyfish (Mesquite), X/Y Mew Cursor by mid0456(Seikatsu)
First Pokemon: Cyndaquil by CreepyJellyfish
Favorite Gen.: Hoenn (but I've never played it)
Top 6 Favorite Pokemon: Mewtwo by CreepyJellyfish, Typhlosion by CreepyJellyfish, Zangoose by CreepyJellyfish, Suicune by CreepyJellyfish, Sceptile by CreepyJellyfish, Alakazam by CreepyJellyfish
Favorite Starters From All Gens: Squirtle by CreepyJellyfish, Cyndaquil by CreepyJellyfish, Treecko by CreepyJellyfish, Piplup by CreepyJellyfish, Oshawott by CreepyJellyfish, Chespin by CreepyJellyfish

Favorite Type: Psychic

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What Warrior Cat Are You?
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